Bike Rental vs Bike Sharing in Vancouver

Bicycle rental shops and open bicycle share both give incredible choices to gaining a bike for transient use and investigating Vancouver. In any case, there are separating factors between the two administrations offered and relying upon what your needs and wants are, one help will probably suit your necessities more than the other.

We have recorded six significant variables to think about while picking between bicycle rental shops and bicycle share.

Bike Sharing or Bike Rental in Vancouver?

By fall 2017, Mobi by Shaw Go had 125 stations, more than 1,200 bicycles, and more than 650,000 excursions covering more than 2 million kilometers.


Mobi is accessible by buying a 24-hour, multi day, or multi day pass External site, opens in new tab. The rates are most appropriate for short rides, while those searching for longer rides will discover better rates at nearby bicycle rental shops External site, opens in new tab.

Cycle City

Cycle City offers light-weight recreational bicycles that are supplanted each season so the bicycles are mint and expertly tuned. We convey top tier 8-spd city bicycles, energetic worker bicycles, electric bicycles, couples, and every one of children’s frill. They come in different hues and a full size range to browse. Rentals incorporate lock, handlebar sack or bin, and head protector.

The rate structure, nonetheless, for these bicycles is bizarre. There are no 30 minutes free (that I can tell – I may have treated it terribly), yet a level $9.95 rate for the day that grants you to have the same number of 30-minute rides as you need, with an additional charge if the excursion goes more than 30 minutes. At the point when I showed up in Yaletown the docking station was full; I needed to uncover my telephone and utilize their site to discover another station. (I utilized the program as opposed to application; it may be simpler with an application.) If you resemble me, from away, that likewise implies making sense of your direction and attempting to peruse road names under the huge circles all over their awful guide. When I really got to the following station I was at 26 minutes after only a 4.86 kilometer ride.

The principle attractions of Vancouver are close enough together to be effectively cyclable (even the air terminal is just 10km away), yet on the off chance that you need to head further abroad, bicycles are welcome on city travel, including the SkyTrain, the SeaBus, and all city transports, which have front-mounted bicycle racks.